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Whatsapp Plus apk Free Download Latest Version 6.81 2018

Whatsapp Plus apk Free Download Latest Version 6.81

Do you want to download the latest  version of whatsapp plus apk? Then you have landed at a right place. Here in todays article we goona Discuss how to download Whatsapp plus apk latest version? And how to install it with step by step.

We have shared many Whatsapp Mods on our site you may check one of them is GBWhatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is mostly same as Gbwhatsapp. There is Yowhatsapp Which is also an Whatsapp mod apk which is an another alternative of Yowhatsapp.The features of GbWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus are almost same.

Nowadays the technology is growing day by day. Every Smartphone user is using whatsapp. Whatsapp is used by almost all worldwide by every smartphone user. The UI of whatsapp was not so changed at a start. At the same time Whatsapp mods version enters to market with some extra features which Whatsapp don’t have.


Whatsapp+ is an another mod of whatsapp app. It Provides the user to modify their whatsapp.Whatsapp+ has almost same features which Gbwhatsapp has in it. We can do Many things in whatsapp plus which we cant do in Official Whatsapp.

There are many modded version of whatsapp available on the internet.we can say Whatsapp+ and GbWhatsapp are the best mods till now.We can download it and enjoy its features.

Whatsapp+ Helps us to use multiple whatsapp accounts in a single phone. I have been using the whatsapp + account from 3-4 Months and I am loving his look and features. We have also shared GBWhatsapp Latest Version.


As I have mentioned whatsapp plus apk has almost all the features which gbwhatsapp has in it.we can download Whatsapp plus apk absolutely free. We don’t need to pay any charges for downloading it. No Root required to download or install. So let’s Know the latest and cool features of Whatsapp Plus Apk Version.  I Hope this may help you.

  1. We can Hide our status ( Typing,Seen And More )
  2. We can be 24Hrs online in whatsapp if we are offline.
  3. Better Voice Calling and video calling than Official Whatsapp.
  4. It Backup All Chats and conversation using our Gmail address including Photos,images ,videos And gifs.
  5. 1000s of themes are available in whatsapp + we can download any one them and apply to whatsapp.
  6. Almost all other features are same as GBwhatsapp has in it.

Almost Gbwhatsapp and Whatsapp+ apk features are same I didn’t want to waste your time by mentioning them again and making the post. You can check out GBwhatsapp Apk Features.


Gbwhatsapp and whatsapp+ both apps are developed by the Atnfas Hoak. He is an great developer.He has developed GBwhatsapp and Whatsapp plus and has done a great job by making two awesome Mods of Whatsapp.

If  you want to make your whatsapp look attractive. Then you should try Whatsapp+ Apk it has some creative themes on it. Once you have started using Whatsapp plus you will be forgetting about the official version of whatsapp. Whatsapp+ apk supports all devices.

Download the latest version of whatsapp+ apk version from given link if links are not working please do let us know by comments.However we may checking the links. But if in any chance there is no link working for any app link please let us know through a comment . we will Update it fast as possible.

Here there is some information of whatsapp plus.

LAST UPDATED Sep 24 , 2018
Version Required Android 4.0+
App Size 34.60 MB
Package Name Com.whatsapp2plus
Task To Provide Whatsapp with cool and new features.


Now let’s know how to download and install whatsapp+ apk step by step.


STEP -1 Download whatsapp+ apk from Above link.

STEP -2 After Downloading Enable “ Unknown Sources “ Feature from your device setting to enable follow the steps. Go to settings -> Located in privacy setting sometimes it is located in fingerprint setting -> Find it and enable it before installing. After you have Enable “unknown sources”

STEP-3 Click on Download Whatsapp+ Apk and install it.

STEP -4 After the installation has done simply login with you phone number. If you want to login with your old number with its chats and need to have backup first Backup all your chats,conversation with gmail.then login with the old whatsapp number and you will be getting all your chats and back up on your new whatsapp plus.

CONSLUSION: There are thousands of mods of whatsapp available on around the internet. But it is difficult to choose the best and right one for your needs. I hope this post was helpful and came to knew you about the whatsapp plus apk and its features.If there are any Mistakes in article. Please Comment down , I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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