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Whatsapp Apk Latest version Free Download 2018


Whatsapp has now becoame a sensation all over the world and is used by everyone right now. So today in this article we are going to tell you about whatsapp apk that you can simply install in your phone and can reach over to your near and dear ones.

Whatsapp messenger is a platform in which you can send messages to your known ones without paying a single penny to anyone which makes it completely free to use. Whatsapp apk is available for android , ios , blackberry, windows and nokia keypad phones support it too and all these platforms can message each other throught whatsapp. You can simply download the latest version of whatsapp apk in your phone and simply install it to make use of it.

The internet which you use for using email and browsers, the same is used by the whatsapp messenger for sending messages like sms without spending a single penny and you can simply stay in touch with your lovely friends and family. Whatsapp provides you a feature of creating groups with your frinds and family members and chat with them, you can share unlimited photos, videos, audios and documents too. Whatsapp run’s on your phone’s internet connection let it be 2g,3g or 4g, it will work on all types of networks. You can switch from the SMS messaging app to whatsapp so that you don’t have to spend extra money for it.


Installing whatsapp apk in your phone gives you access to the following features:

  • You can send unlimited images ,videos ,audios and documents free of cost. You can also download gb whatsapp which is a modded version of whatsapp. This will allow you to send apks and all types of files.
  • No additional fees is consumed for using it. It can run over your phones internet. It doesn’t need recharges like SMS recharges. It can run through your phone’s data, let it be 2g,3g or 4g.
  • You can not only chat with your friends and family members but you can call them too directly through your whatsapp. It too does not charge any bucks for calling unlike the normal calling. But you can’t access to the emergency numbers like 191 and others. You can only call those contacts who have installed whatsapp apk in their phones.
  • Installing whatsapp apk in your phone gives you access to make free groups on whatsapp. Their you can add many friends or family members in a single group and get entertained and stay in touch with them.
  • There is a feature of whatsapp web also where you can directly catch your messages from your computer’s browser.
  • It also doesn’t charges any money if you send some messages to the person living out of your country. This means there are no international charges and it is completely free to use.
  • In whatsapp you are always logged in, that means there is no pin and nothing to forget. You can simply closed and open again and again.
  • You Can quickly connect to you know ones once you install whatsapp apk in your phone. Whatsapp uses your address book to connect to your known ones fastly and too easily. But you can only contact the contacts who too uses whatsapp messenger.
  • You don’t have to set up any pin or password for signing up. It simply makes use of your phone number and verifies it by sending an OTP over your phone. Once it verifies the OTP you can simply enter your username and get started.
  • Now there is new version of whatsapp which is named as whatsapp business in which you can do business and it is also free to use.
  • By installing latest whatsapp apk in your phone you can easily share your own location and get the location of anyone on whatsapp by simply asking them to send their live location. This makes easy to reach any person.
  • You can exchange contacts over whatsapp too.
  • You can send one message to multiple contacts at once. This saves your precious time and doesn’t get boring typing the same text again and again.
  • Whatsapp is highly customizable, you can change the chat background, you can set your own profile picture too by which people can recognize you. You can also email your chat history done with anyone.

You can download latest whatsapp apk from the official website of whatsapp which is . You should surely give it a shot as it would save your money from sms recharges and will give a better connectivity too. By this you can also send images and videos and docs also for free. Now you don’t have to open email again and again. Whatsapp has a very clean and smooth user interface which makes it quite easy to use. It also doesn’t consume much memory and is fast in use. Moreover the best thing of installing whatsapp apk in your phone is that it is completely free and doesn’t charges any single penny for the use of any feature.

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