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What is Garageband? & Alternatives of garageband

Are you a big music lover and want some of the best garageband alternatives for windows? If yes then you can find them here. Garageband is a software for the mac operating system and ios operating system. The biggest disadvantage of garageband is that it is not available for windows operating system.


Garageband is a software available for mac os and ios which allows the users to create podcasts or music. Apple company develops and solds garageband for mac os and ios and is also a part of iLife software suit. The music and podcast system of garageband allows users to create multiple tracks with pre made loops, instrumental effects, pre made MIDI keyboards and many more functions are there. Garageband was initially released on January 6,2004 which means it has been 14 years since it launched. Its stable release was done in june 29 which is the 10.3.1 version. Garageband falls in the type of digital audio workstation. For apple users they can reach garageband on .

Garageband can play multiple tracks of audio and that too at one time.It has a built in audio filters which gives user the permission to enhance the audio with a variety of available tracks and that too with various effects.


The biggest problem faced by the garageband lovers is that they cannot run this software in windows operating system as this is available for mac os and ios only. But you need not to worry, today in this article we will tell you the best garageband alternatives for windows. There are many garageband alternatives for windows but we will tell you some handpicked alternatives which you can use easily.So list goes like this:

AUDIOTOOL: First in the list hits the audiotool. Audiotool is an web-based application which makes it quite attracting for the garageband users. That’s why it’s our first priority in the list of best garageband alternatives for windows. By using audiotool you can even create your own music while you are not at your place. It looks like your are taking your music everywhere you go.

Audiotool provides you more features from before. The file which you started to edit at home can be edited anywhere even if you are away from your workplace. And as soon as the file on which you are working , you can simply share it with the whole world by sharing it on Youtube, facebook and soundcloud too. Audiotool has a very clean user interface and works very smoothly without any lag.

CUBASE: Second on the list hits the cubase. Cubase is used widely as the best garageband alternative for windows as it offers a very good user interface and it is very easy too handle it. It doesn’t lag at all and runs quite smoothly thereby doing its work perfectly. In very less time cubase has won the hearts of many professional audio editors. Cubase is now running its ninth version and has a great value for it among the professionals. Cubase agives you access to record your own songs ,create your own tracks and you can mix tracks too.

The best feature of cubase is its output feature. The output quality given by it is so good that everyone loves to use it. Cubase features MIDI , all digital editing tools and music sequencer as well. The best advantage of cubase is that you can enjoy all the functions of it for free. There is one premium version of cubase also which also gives you a feature recording live shows which makes it a very interesting one.

MIXCRAFT 7 : Third on the list hits the mixcraft 7. Mixcraft has a same user interface as that of garageband and is thus preferred one of the best garageband alternative for windows. Mixcraft 7 is full of features allowing you to do editing and creating digital audio. It has a very big amount of libraries over which you can choose which suits you the best. These many libraries gives you access to make a sound track of your own.

Mixcraft has so simple user interface that it is very simple to use. Even if you have just started editing audio then you won’t find much problem n doing your work. Moreover it provides many features and still runs quite smoothly. The output quality given by it is also very good. By using mixcraft as the garageband altenative for windows you can not only edit audio but also you can edit videos too.

FL STUDIO 12: Fourth on the list hits the fl studio 12. Fl studio 12 has both free and paid versions. In the free version you can do most of the editing done but for the professional features you have to buy it for sure. The paid version of fl studio 12 provides you a very vast amount of features that are requires to produce a sound track. Fl studio 12 has been also used widely as one of the best garageband alternative for windows. Paid version of fl studio 12 allows you to enhance you video more as compared to the free version.

The user interface of fl studio 12 is quite crisp and easy to use. A beginner too can use it without any problem. It also doesn’t lags like the other alternatives. The layout and design of fl studio 12 makes it look more superb and hence it doesn’t make you bored off it. It also gives you access to many audio tracks producing features and also provides you a vast library of audio tracks too. You can make mix tracks with it too.

ABLETON: Fifth on the list hits the Ableton. This can be also said as one of the best garageband alternative for windows. Ableton is found to be quite flexible for the work output. The real-time editing makes it more different from the other garageband alternatives. Ableton comprises of many powerfull tools that you won’t have expected. You can compose your own songs, make remix songs and capture lie shows too. It gives you access to record high quality music. Both the enthusiasts and professionals use this app for audio editing and recording. It comes with the MIDI editor too making it more powerfull.


So these were some the best garageband alternatives for windows available over the web. The vast number of garageband alternatives available over the webcreates a big mess and the user doesn’t looks satisfied. But after reading this article we are pretty sure that you will get your desired garageband alternative for windows.

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