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Do you want to access all the hidden and amazing features of your android phone? If yes, you can do so by rooting you phone by installing the Framaroot apk in your phone. While rooting your phone you must be extremely careful while using the tools for rooting the phone. One of the best way to root your phone is by installing Framaroot apk in your android phone.

Choosing a wrong tool to root your phone might ruin your phone’s software and it might get bricked. Therefore it is requested to use the best rooting app available. There are a number of rooting apps available over the web but they are not trusted and using them can block your phone and might not start again. But there is Framaroot apk which you can install in your phone. Using framaroot will make it super easy to root your precious android phone. Framaroot app makes it quite easy to root your phone, it only requires a single click and you can sit back and you are done.


Framaroot apk is basically an app of android phone which you can install in your phone. Installing framaroot apk in your phone will make it super easy to root your phone. Framaroot is considered as one of the best app which completes rooting your device in just a single click.

Other than this, framaroot has a very simple user interface which makes it very easy to use. It also makes it quite smoother to use. Using framaroot will give you access to root nearly any of your android device or tablet. The best thing about using framaroot is that you will not need a computer or laptop to root your phone. The developer of framaroot apk is ALEPHZAIN. Moreover framaroot apk is widely popular and has more than 10 million+ downloads worldwide.

Installing framaroot apk in your phone will give you access to root any version of android you are using. It comes in very small size of 1.25 mb.


1.ROOT WITHOUT PC OR LAPTOP: Installing framaroot apk in your phone will help you to root your phone without using any pc or laptop, no matter which android version you are running. Earlier it was not possible to root your phone without pc, but with the help of framaroot app you can root you phone without pc and that too with ease.

2.MULTIPLE EXPLOITS: Framaroot comes packed with multiple exploits which helps you to get root access on your device very easily. Some of the multiple exploits that come with the framaroot apk are Pippin, Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas and many more. But opening the framaroot app will not show you all the multiple exploits as it will choose the one which suits best to your phone’s chipset.

3.SINGLE-CLICK ROOT: Using framaroot app for rooting your phone will make it super easy for you to root your phone. This is the best app to support one click root. It too doesn’t take much time to root, you just have to open the app, choose the rooting option and simply click on the root button and you are done.

4.SUPERSU: The best advantage of installing framaroot apk in your phone is that it makes it super easy to root your phone as it itself downloads supersu in your phone without using any external app. For those who doesn’t know what supersu is, supersu is basically an android app which allows you to give permissions to the apps in your android phone. In other apps you have to download supersu externally but using framaroot it is quite easy to get supersu.

5.EASY UNROOT: Installing framaroot apk in your android phone will surely give an advantage of unrooting your phone even if its rooted. There may be a situation in which you want to unroot your phone for specific reasons. In this situation you don’t have to panic, framaroot app helps you to unroot your phone as many times your root you phone.

Apart from these cool features of framaroot app there is another advantage of using it to root your android phone. The advantage is its user interface. Its user interface is so simple that anybody can use it and navigation is also quite smooth. Before installing framaroot apk in your phone make sure to enable the unknown sources tab so that it doesn’t causes difficulty in between.


Before starting the process you must make sure that the bootloader of your phone is opened. You also need to make sure that you have permission to root your phone as in some android phones you have to manually give the permission. After doing all this stuff you have to follow these steps:

STEP 1: First of all download and install the framaroot apk in your phone.

STEP 2: After the installation, open the app and there you will see the drop down menu, now from the drop down menu you have to select the option of supersu and install it and wait for a while until this process completes.

STEP 3: Once all the loadings are completed then you have to just simply reboot your phone and voilaaaa, you are done, your phone is just rooted in a single click and with a big ease.

Now to unroot your device and make it like as it was before, you just have to simply again go to the drop down menu and choose the unroot option, then again you have to reboot your phone. Your phone is now unrooted again.

CONCLUSION: There are many apps available on the web but believe me it is the best rooting application available over the web. As you know installing the framaroot apk in your android phone gives you a big advantage of single click rooting. This saves a lot of time and creates a ease in rooting your phone. Make sure to first have full information about the rooting, its advanatages and disadvantages as a single mistake can ruin your precious phone.

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