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Tubemate For Pc Free Download Latest version 2018

Do you want to download Tubemate for pc windows? If yes, then you are at the right place. Youtube has become a brand having more than billions of user watching videos on it. I mean every body watches videos and listen songs on youtube. Let it be a funny video, a music video or just an educational video.

There is everything available on youtube, but now the greatest problem that arises is that we can not download those youtube videos, many times we can’t even save them in our phone. There is a download button available on it but oftenly it is not available to download and which is the most irritating thing.

But you don’t have to worry. If you are looking for something that can easily download all of your favourite videos, then you are surely at the right place. You can download the tubemate for pc and download your favourite video in just one or two clicks which takes very less time depending upon your internet connection.

The major cons now which arises for tubemate for pc is that there is no dedicated version of tubemate for pc. But this doesn’t prove that we cannot download tubemate for pc. Before telling you how to install it let me tell you what tubemate for pc is.


Tubemate is an app which was officially released for the android platform by the Devian Studios. Tubemate is used to download videos from any website or social media platform like facebook,youtube and many others. The coolest feature of tubemate is that you can not only stream videos on this app but you can also download these videos at the same time. The major pros of this app is that it does not cost a single penny and is free of cost to use.

Now coming to Tubemate for PC , this also allows you to download videos from all widely popular platforms but the most exciting feature is that you can convert those video files into audio files at the same time.

By installing Tubemate for PC you can even pause your downloadings when tou run out off your data and can resume your downloads anytime, it will not cancel any of your downloadings.

Tubemate for pc allows you to stream videos in full hd quality and you have a option of downloading quality ranging from 144p to 1080p which is full hd.


For mobile, you can directly download tubemate from the web. It is easily available but for downloading tubemate for pc it is little hard to do so. But it is not impossible. You just have to follow my simple steps and voilaa, you will be able to use tubemate in pc.

For installing tubemate for pc you have to take help of an android emulator and install it on your pc first. There a lot of android emulators available on the web and some of them are genymotion, bluestacks ,andy and many more. You can easily find them on the web and install in you pc.

Bluestacks is a widely used android simulator and is trustworthy app so we  would recommend to use that one. It also has a clean user interface and is quiet fast as compared to others. Now follow these steps to download tubemate for pc windows:

STEP 1: Firstly logon to and simply  click the download button and install the application.

STEP 2: After accepting the license agreements simply follow the on screen instructions. Now when the application installs successfully you can easily login with your gmail or google account. After this you have to download tubemate for pc, you can easily download the tubemate apk and then launch bluestacks app on your pc.

STEP 3: Now to install tubemate on your pc you can simply drop tubemate apk on the bluestacks app and you will se the tubemate for pc installing. After the installation is completed you can use tubemate app without any interruption.

So these were some of theeasy and simple steps to install tubemate for pc. Now you can enjoy downloading your favourite videos anytime and watch without interrupting.


As we have discussed all about the tubemate app,now lets see some of its pros and cons.


#Tubemate has an ability to download videos at very fast speed. Its user interface is quite smooth and user friendly. You will not find any difficulty in using tubemate for pc too.

#Youtube and facebook videos can directly be searched and downloaded, they can be streamed online by this app also too.

#The major pro of tubemate app is that it does not cost any single penny and is completely free to use.

#By installing tubemate for pc you have access to download the video in the quality of your choice. You can download all the videos over a quality ranging from 144p to 1080p.

#With this best feature of tubemate you can anytime pause your downloads and can resume anytime and your download doesn’t gets cancelled even when you run out of data.

#By installing tubemate for pc you can directly convert the video files into audio files too. This is the most intresting features you will notice.


#The major cons of tubemate is that it has no dedicated version for windows.

#At sometimes it gets difficult to download youtube videos but it doesn’t happens most of the time.

#The tubemate for pc sometimes crashes due to its load on server and some times becomes laggy.

So these were all the pros and cons of tubemate. You can install tubemate in your android simply by installing apk. And if you want to install tubemate for pc then you can follow the above instruction and enjoy successfully downloading youtube videos.


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