Use Ps3 Controller In Windows 10

Are you wondering how to use the ps3 controller in windows 10? If yes then you have landed at the right place. Since the launch of PlayStation gaming consoles, there has been a great hype for playing games by its controllers in pc and laptops too. Playing games by a ps3 controller in Windows 10 makes it quite easy to handle the controls of the games.

The feeling of playing games with the ps3 controller in windows 10 is on the next level. There have been many new playstation consoles launched recently and the ps3 has become quite extincted. But if you have a pc or laptop with good configuration then you can put the use of the ps3 controller in windows 10. Playing games for a long time using keyboard and mouse makes us feel tileable, but using the ps3 controller in Windows 10 you will really enjoy gaming, and moreover, gaming will be on your fingertips.

It’s sure that Microsoft will not allow you to use the ps3 controller in windows 10 but some tricks might really help you to do so. For setting up your ps3 controller in windows 10, you just need some time and a data cable too. The method of using the ps3 controller in windows is not quite easy, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you can surely use the ps3 controller in Windows 10 and enjoy your favourite games to the fullest.

How To Use Ps3 Controller In Windows 10:

To setup the ps3 controller in Windows 10, you just need a driver for running it on windows 10. We recommend you to download and use MOTIONJOY in your pc or laptop. There are many drivers available over the web, if you have any trusted one, then you can surely go for that. But our recommendation is motionjoy as its very easy to use and navigation is also quite fluent.

You Can Download Motionjoy Directly From Here: Motion Joy After downloading this motionjoy driver, I am sure that it will pass through all your antiviruses. The only thing that you must consider is that you have to change your date back to 2014, as the license of motionjoy has been expired, and if you don’t change the date the installation won’t be completed successfully.

Since Microsoft is not going to allow you to use a ps3 controller in Windows 10, therefore use this trick to get this feature on your pc or laptop. You first have to disable the driver signature enforcement to use a ps3 controller in windows 10. Follow my steps to do so:

ps3 controller in windows

STEP 1: Open you pc or laptop. Then go to start menu and click on the settings tab.

STEP 2: Then their windows will open, after this navigate to update and recovery. Choose the recovery option from the left side and after this, there will be an option of advanced setup, simply click on it.

STEP 3: Now after this, your computer or laptop will reboot itself, you don’t have to worry. After the reboot, you pc will open with advanced setup options.

STEP 4: Now after doing all this stuff head up to startup settings. Then after this, your pc will again restart to show you the startup settings which can be changed.

STEP 5: Then there will be quite a few options available. Head up to driver signature enforcement option and press F7 to turn it off.

STEP 6: After all this stuff, simply reboot your pc again.

Now after all these steps, you just have to connect ps3 controller using USB cable into your pc or laptop. When you put the USB successfully, there will be a notification in the bubble saying that windows are installing the driver for completing the setup. Let it complete the setup. After a few minutes, the installation of the motionjoy driver will be completed.

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Now, as you have disabled the driver signature enforcement, the drivers you have installed for using ps3 in windows 10 will surely work in perfect condition. But after doing all these steps you still will not be able to use ps3 in windows 10. Now you have to follow some more steps in order to use ps3 in windows 10. These steps are:

STEP 1: Firstly connect ps3 controller in your pc or laptop. Then launch the motionjoy driver after the installation.

STEP 2: After the motionjoy driver is launched click on the load driver which must be present on the left side.

STEP 3: After doing all this there will be a warning that the publisher is not from a trusted source, but you have to simply ignore it and click on install anyway. Now you just have to wait for a few seconds and you will see a dialogue box saying that installation completed.

Now after doing all of this great stuff, you have to calibrate ps3 controller in order to use the ps3 controller in windows 10. Follow these more steps in order to calibrate the ps3 controller:

STEP 1: Click on the start menu from the windows icon and open the settings from it.
STEP 2: Now just simply click on the devices and printers option from the menu. After this tap on the HID-compliant game controller icon.
STEP 3: Now simply tap on the game controller setting, now in this, you have to select on the option of motion joy virtual game controller. After this open the properties of this option.
STEP 4: After step 3 click on the icon test tab on the next windows that will come after doing it. After all this stuff, you can calibrate the ps3 controller easily.


You can also connect your ps3 controller by Bluetooth and by not using the USB data cable. The PS3 controller is a quite advanced gamepad to play high-level games on your pc or laptop. It just makes easy and more comfortable to play games. If you have a pc and a ps3 too, but you want to play games on pc then there is no need to buy expensive gaming consoles, you can use a ps3 controller in Windows 10 easily by simply using the above steps. Now I hope that you will be successfully able to use the ps3 controller in windows 10.

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