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Nova Launcher Themes : BEST THEMES


Did you recently downloaded the one of the best android launcher. Yes I am talking about the nova launcher. People loving android phones are very keen to customize their phones so that their phone doesn’t looks dull and is interesting in using. So for those android lovers using nova launcher, we have bought a list of some of the best nova launcher themes which I am sure you will love to use. They will not only make you phone look interesting but will change the phone’s UI to the atmost.


Many people download nova launcher and customize their phone but can’t get that desired dope look. But now you have not to worry as we have a list of coolest nova launcher themes.

As you all know that nova launcher is available for free on the playstore and over 50+ millions of users had installed it. But for the desired dope look you have to download a custom theme which is also free to use. You can even change the icons of your installed apps by simply just downloading best nova launcher icon packs for android phones.

So the list goes like this:

#1: RONDO-FLAT STYLE ICON PACK : On the top of the list hits the rondo. Rondo is basically a typical nova launcher theme which you can download for free from the web anytime.

Rondo changes the icon pack of your system UI thus giving it a dope look. The users who want colourful and flat icons can surely download this and I hope they would love to use this.

Downloading this pack you will gain access to over 3900+ custom icons and that too for free. The custom icons will be available in high-quality in 192×192 resolution. Rondo has a special quality that it has a support of 20 wallpapers and a material design dashboard which makes it more cool then others.

#2. VOXEL-FLAT STYLE ICON PACK: On the second in list hits the voxel icon pack which is one of the best theme for nova launcher. It is also said to be one of the widely used theme for nova launcher.

The users that want to make their icons falt and colourfull at the same time should surely download this, and I am sure they will be pleased by using this nova launcher theme.

Voxel theme offers more than 3500 custom icons available in HD resolution quality of 192×192. The best thing of this nova launcher theme is that the developers of this theme regularly updates it each month. For android lovers, I really think they should give a try to it.

#3. CYGNUS DARK : On the third in list hits the Cygnus dark nova launcher theme. This theme provides access to over 800+ icons which is used in dark mode. This nova launcher theme offers you cloud based material wallpapers and 8 zooper request tool. The best thing of this theme is that it not only support the nova launcher  but also supports some of the popular launchers like go launcher, CM theme, Atom launcher and many more. So you should surely give a try to this also.

#4. DEVO ICON PACK: On the fourth in the list hits the devo icon pack. This nova launcher theme is for those people who are greatly in love with the black. People loving dark themes should surely download this theme. This theme brings your smartphone into the dark mode.

This nova launcher theme is a great combo of grey and dark black colour which makes it to look the phone quite attractive and minimalistic. It gives us access to more than 2000+ amazing dark icon packs which you will surely love to see and it offers 8 HD wallpapers to enhance the beauty too.

This cool theme also comes with the unthemed icons feature and supports dynamic calendar and if you are using this nova launcher theme then you should check it out right now. The major cons of this theme is that it is not free and you have to invest some money to get access to this dope nova launcher theme.

#5. POLYCON- ICON PACK : On the fifth in the list hits the polycon nova launcher them. This icon pack basically comes with a lot of fresh icons. This theme has a take over material design iconography. By installing it you get access to over 800+ vector icons and with it you get 20 high resolution wallpapers too which will enhance the beauty of your phone.

This nova launcher theme offers creative and unique icon packs and gives a different look to your phone. It has a quite simple UI and is very simple to use. It gets no updated by the developers but still it is considered to be one of the best nova launcher theme as the features provided by this theme are amazing to use. Moreover this theme is fully free and highly customizable.

Smartphone manufactures giving their own UI or stock android themes make the users a kind of bored. To get a new look and enhance the beauty of your phone you should really use the nova launcher and download the nova launcher themes by choosing from the above given list.

There are a number of amazing nova launcher themes available over the web but we have differentiated all and have presented you some classy nova launcher themes which I am pretty sure that it will give you phone a elegant look. As there a number of nova launcher themes available over the web, there is usually a big hype and many times mess is created too. So to save you from that difficulty and make ease for you we have provide some best nova launcher themes. You could choose any of theme and simply download them from the web.

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