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Do you love to watch videos and movies? If yes then you must be aware about the very widely popular app namely MX player. MX player is basically a android operating system running app. But don’t worry we have bought a trick by which you can get MX player for pc. Yeahh you read it correct. You can download MX player for pc running on windows 10/8/8.1/7 and xp too. If you watch movies and video songs then MX player is just a perfect app for you.


MX player is one of the best and widely popular app in which you can stream offline videos and your favourite video songs too. Basically mx player is the best choice between the other video players present right now on the web. MX player was one of the very first media players available for android phones which had a great feature of decoding as well as hardware for the different kinds of formats available.

MX player has many features which will surely blow up your mind. These all features are available for mx player running on adroid so why don’t you use it on your pc. At the end of article I am pretty sure you will get MX player for pc.


  • Installing MX player for pc will give you an opportunity to stream videos online directly through the mx player. It is proved to be more convenient to use mx player for streaming videos online on websites.
  • MX player for pc has a wide variety of software and hardware decoding for a large number of file formats available.
  • MX player is very convenient to use at it has swipe gestures to play the video, pause the video , volume up , volume down and many more. You can also pinch to zoom the clip and watch the video in the pixels that suits you.
  • It has suitable controls, screen lock and variable aspect ratio too. These all amazing features can be accessed directly from the main screen view which makes it lot more easier to do the settings.
  • MX player for pc has a great advantage. You can play videos in the background also. The app will not be paused when you press the home screen button. If for anytime you only want to listen audio and not watch the video then you can do it simply by using mx player.
  • It also has an amazing feature of doubling up the volume of the video so that the sound becomes more clear and smooth to be listened.
  • Many more plugins can be added to mx player to tweak the app and use the more extraordinary features of it.

These features make mx player a best app for watching videos, let it be either a offline video or a online video.


MX player can’t be run directly on pc as the developers didin’t release an official app for the windows version. It is only available on the android platform. So to run mx player for pc you have to use an android emulator on your pc. We will prefer you to use bluestacks as it is more convenient to use and has a quite smooth user interface which make it easy to use. Moreover it also doesn’t lags on running big apps if your ram capacity is satisfactory enough.

Some requirements for installing MX player of pc are as follows:

  • A good android emulator as we suggested you can use bluestacks.
  • You should have a pc with normal processor and minimum 1 gb of ram and 2gb of storage is essential to run mx player on windows.
  • MX player apk file for pc windows.

Now to install mx player for pc you have to follow these steps:

STEP 1: First of all download bluestacks android emulator ,you can use  android emulator of your choice too. Now simply install it on your pc.

STEP 2: After installing bluestacks on your pc, now download the mx player apk on your pc.

STEP 3: Drag the mx player apk on to the bluestacks app and you will see that mx player for pc is being installed. Once the installation is completed you can use mx player for pc.

The best advantage of mx player for pc is that you can run it on your pc without paying a single penny. You can use all the features of mx player for free. MX player for pc is quite customizable too. You can change the fon’t colours and change the subtitiles language too. Moreover mx player for pc will give you the best and most convenient experience in watching you favourite movies and video songs.

You can also tweak mx player and use some of the amazing additional features by just downloading and adding some extra codecs. For installing the extra codecs of mx player you can follow this step:

  • Simply download the codec which you want to install in mx player. Make sure to download it for the same version of which you are running mx player for pc. Now save it in your internal storage and don’t unzip it.
  • Now when you will install mx palyer for pc in bluestacks it will pop up a dialogue of the required codecs. You can simply navigate to the folder where you have downloaded them and click ok to proceed.

So this was the full guide of how to install MX player for pc. Hope all of your doubts are cleared and you can now install it without any difficulty.

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