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Are you frustrated with the ads present in your downloaded apps on your android phone? If yes then today we are going to tell you a trick by which you can remove all the annoying and time-wasting ads. The trick is that you have to get the lucky patcher official app and install it on your phone. Many of you must love to play games on your android phones.

If yes, then you must have faced a problem of in-app purchase and locked features of the games that you can’t use without paying some bucks. In this article, we are going to tell you about lucky patcher by using which you can do most of the amazing things without any interruption.

The craze of playing games on android phones is going on next level which influences the developers to launch new games in a very short span of time. They do so because they earn a lot of money from it. They put sticky and annoying ads which generate revenue to them. If not ads then they lock some of the levels and features and demand few bucks to unlock them.

There is also an option of unlocking those features by completing the challenges and collecting coins, but this takes hell lot of time. So you are only left with an option of purchasing the coins.

What Is Lucky Patcher Official:

Lucky patcher is basically an app which is developed by TAYRON. It supports all the android version starting from 2.3 and to the latest one. This app is averagely rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. The basic function that this app official performs is that it patches the android applications, creates modified apks and creates custom patches too. Actually, this app is a universal correction tool. Most of the time this app is used for hacking the games. Crazy and die-hard fans of games must be knowing about this app.

This app helps you to modify the apps that you have downloaded on your phone. This is an amazing tool that allows you to remove the annoying ads, bypass license verification. By using this app you can remove the system apps also. The most necessary requirement for using all the premium features of this app is to root your phone. You can use some features of lucky patcher official even by not rooting your phone. But you can’t excess all the features without rooting.

Nowadays people are becoming more and more addicted to games, but they don’t want to pay any extra bucks in order to purchase the things in the games. So for those people, we are telling you about the lucky patcher official app which you can use once your phone is rooted.

lucky patcher

Features Of Lucky Patcher Official: 

Lucky patcher comes fully loaded with the features. It has many features which will shock you. The only cons you may find for yourself is that you have to root your phone before using this app. Some of the best features of this app are:


Getting Access To Unlimited Coins And Resources In The Game: The best feature of lucky patcher official is that, by using it you can gain access to unlimited coins, gems and other resources too. Basically, you can get anything that is to buy by paying some bucks. You can unlock any level, any weapon, any character and everything is unlimited that is not free. Actually, you can modify your favourite game in any way you want.


Removes Ads: Another cool feature of lucky patcher official is that it can remove the annoying ads from your installed apps. Sticky ads are something that makes a poor user experience and the feel of entertainment goes away. But by using this app you can simply remove all the annoying ads and have a smooth user interface.


Paid Apps For Free: Most of the times we download apps for free from the web or the play store. But after using them, its features demands some money in order to be used. This issue is created due to the license verification. The best thing here is that it has some custom patches which are pre-loaded in it. These custom patches help you to bypass the verification process which helps you to get the premium features without paying any money.


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Move Apps To Memory Card: Are you fed up of less internal storage in your phone? If yes then you just have to simply root your phone and use lucky patcher and that it’s it. Lucky patcher official will help you to copy your installed apps in the memory card, therefore, making your internal storage free. This will help your phone to run smoothly and lag free.


Convert Any App To System App: One more best feature of lucky patcher is that you can convert any of the temporary apps to system app. After this, the app will be called as the pre-installed app and you will not be able to install it manually.


Backup Important Files: If you want to rest your phone or wipe up your phone then you can instantly create a backup of your important data. This can be transferred to your pc or cloud. After sometime you can take the backup into your phone and get your important data back with you.


Requirements For Lucky Patcher Official App:

There are some basic requirements which your phone must fulfil in order to run the lucky patcher official app successfully. They are:

  • The most prior requirement is that your phone must be rooted and that too before installing the phone.
  • There must be ram of at least 2 GB so that it can function properly.
  • There must be internal storage of at least 5 GB before the installation of the app. This will help the app to run quite smoothly.
  • You have to give permission to draw over the apps and modify system settings.

Basically, you have to give it all the permission it requires to start.


So this was all about the lucky patcher official app which you should know. Another thing you must know is that you should root your phone only if you have full knowledge about it as one single mistake in rooting your phone can lead to never restarting of your phone. Now I hope all of your doubts about this official app are cleared.

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