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By listening iMessage for windows 10 you might have already understood that imessage is a feature of apple company. This topic is very vast and among the most searched one too. When anyone listens about the IMessage, everyone wants to know about it and they want to use atleast one time. So in this article we are going to tell you about iMessage for windows 10. You must have been enjoying facebook, whatsapp, instagram but no one can beat the imessage feature.

imessage for windows 10
iMessage Is basically a service which can only be used by the apple users, but don’t worry its not impossible to use on windows. If you follow our steps correctly then I am really sure you will be a ble to get iMessage for windows 10.

On one side it is quite easy for apple users to get and use the IMessage feature for mac or ipad, but getting iMessage feature for windows 10 is little hectic process. But you don’t have to worry, the advancement in the technology have brought a revolution. There are many cool emulators launched by which you can use iMessagefor windows 10.

What Is Imessage:

iMessage is basically a service which is provided by the apply company and can be officially used in ios or mac devices only. iMessage is one of the most popular and widely used messaging app offered by apple. It is quite popular in not only apple users but in the windows users too. Officialy there is no method to get iMessage for windows users but there are many secret tricks which you can try and you will be surely helped out.

Features Of Imessage:

iMessage provides you a variety of unique features which you will surely like if you use that even once. Those likeable features are:


  • iMessage has a very simple and good user interface which makes it quite easy to use.It has very better graphics then other messaging apps.


  • By using the iMessage app you send messages through your own data cost ,so there is no need to download third party apps.


  • Messaging through iMessage gives you all the details and delivery reports. This makes the communication very easy.


  • It has best feature of reacting to your received and send sms by emojis and smiles. This makes more interesting to chat through the iMessaging app.


  • One of the advantage of using iMessaging app is that it tries to send the sms as fast as possible.


  • It is considered to be the best app to chat among your family groups or group of your friends. Groups can be made even by single click.


  • You can send unlimited texts, videos,mails,photos and every other thing from a single app only.
    If you get iMessage on PC then the communication becomes on the next level, as the typing speed increases a lot.

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Getting iMessage for windows 10 is not any hectic process if you follow our instructions carefully. To enjoy all the features of iMessage on windows 10, simply follow our steps.

So the first method by which you can get iMessage for windows 10 is using chrome remote desktop. You will need both a apple laptop and a windows pc or laptop. Now follow our steps:

STEP 1: In the first step you have to install the chrome remote desktop on your windows google chrome on both of your devices.

STEP 2: After this, tap on the button of add to chrome, and wait for it to be downloaded. When the download completes simply install it. Now launch it immediately.

STEP 3: Now on your apple laptop or mac computer download chrome remote desktop host installer. After downloading it click on accept and install.

STEP 4: Now simply let your mac come in use. Simply set the security pin for getting access to another screen on your windows pc or laptop.

STEP 7: Now just switch to your windows system and search the remote mac. Then simply tap on start screen sharing for windows and you are done. Now you can sit back and enjoy iMessage for windows 10.


Second method to get imessage on windows 10 is by using bluestacks on your pc or laptop. It does not require much effort, you just have to download bluestacks emulator. Now simply install it in your windows pc. After installing open the bluestacks app emulator and search for iMessage and you will see and app of iMessage.

Just simply install the apk. Wait for some time and you are done. Now you can sit back and enjoy chatting on iMessage.


Third method to get iMessage for windows 10 is by using ipadian emulator on your pc or laptop. You have to just download this emulator. It is completely available for free. Now simply install the emulator exe file on your pc. Simply run the emulator on your pc. After all this stuff a windows will appear , on this you have to accept all the terms and conditions. Tap on box to accept and going on and on.

After installing and accepting the conditions search for iMessage in the search box. Then you will find the iMessaging app. Simply download that and install in your pc. And you are all done.


So these were the three methods by which you can get iMessage for windows 10. These methods are absolutely free of cost. I am sure by reading this article you all have got iMessage for windows 10.

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