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How To Deslide Websites ?

Are you struck in the annoying slideshows that are playing over the websites? If yes then there is a very amazing trick to be free from it and surf the internet smoothly. You can Deslide the websites in just a short span of time without paying a single penny to anyone. Yes, you read it right. If you want to know the best method to deslide the websites and enjoy surfing the internet smoothly then please read the full article. If you deslide a website then there will be no slideshow on the websites you will be able to read the available information very quickly available on the web page.

The main reason for which the websites use these slideshow is for gaining more and more page views which actually results in more ad revenue. More the slideshows, more the pages and more the ad revenue. Doing this thing is not illegal as they are doing these things on their own website and not of others.

But after some time they realize that they are doing wrong as the people doesn’t stay on these websites for much time. These sites basically split up their one post into two or three pages instead of one. Many of the time it really becomes frustrating to click the next button again and again to read the available information on the website. People leave when they are hurry and see their precious time wasting and move to another site who’s user interface is quite smooth and obtain a good user interface.

But oftenly the information available on the website containing the slide show is usefull and we can’t find that relative information on another page, so we have to resist us to stay there and read the whole information available on the web page. So to come out of this whole problem you can simply deslide the sites and therefore saving your time and obtaining good user interface from it.


Slideshow is not any big thing that will shock you. This is mostly available in mostly all the web pages you go through. Basically the website admins use some kind of plugins to make their posts split into two or more than two pages. The page having slideshow can have anything like photos, texts or videos.

Just imagine that you just want to read about more than 10 paragraphs then for reading all of them you have to press the next button for 10 times and the page will reload again and again. This will be time consuming and irritating too. This means that the website owners gets 10+ views from a single post and from a single viewer reading the whole post. This step leads to multiple impression of ads and therefore helping the website owners to generate more and more revenue. But if there is no slide show then you just have to read all the information through one page only therefore making it quite smooth for you to read. This can be simply done if you deslide the websites which contains slideshow.

DESLIDE: Deslide basically means to remove the annoying slideshows running on the websites which consumes more time and therefore giving bad experience to user. Now there are two methods to deslide any of your websites, we are going to describe them in brief so that you could deslide the websites having slideshow easily and in no time.

METHOD 1- DESLIDE WEBSITE USING WEB APPLICATION: There are number of web applications that you can use to deslide the website containing slideshow without wasting much time. You can get easily them from the web. But we will recommend you to use the Clusterfake. Clusterfake is a very cool website having a very simple and clean UI where you just have to put the url of the website of which you want to deslide. Now follow the following steps to deslide a website using a web application:

STEP 1: Firstly log on to the website of which you want deslide and copy the URL of that website. Now just simply go to Clusterfake website.

STEP 2: Now just simply navigate to the rectangular box present at the top of the page and paste the link of the url of the site you want to deslide. Now simply select the combination of elements from the display menu which you want to be extracted from the copied URL.

STEP 3: When you complete the required information just simply click on the deslide button and now wait for the page to reload. Now you will see that you required information is now available without any slide show which means our deslide process hai completed just in few minutes.

METHOD 2- DESLIDE USING PAGEZIPPER EXETENSION: Now the second method which we will use is deslide using pagezipper extension. Just simply follow my steps to deslide the websites containing annoying slide shows:

STEP 1: Pagezipper extension is available for every browser out there. So firstly you have to download this extension and have to add to your any of the favourite browser you use the most.

STEP 2:  Secondly open up the web page which you want to deslide and after it simply navigate to corner of your browser and click on the pagezipper extension button. Doing this the pagezipper will combine the separate pages and you can directly jump through between without any problem. Now you will be able to read the whole information without any problem.


I personally suggest you to use the clusterfake web application has it has more simple user interface and easy to use. It is quite fast too. But if you want to try the second step then you can. You can use both the steps and finally use the method that you like.


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