Gb Whatsapp APK 6.55 Latest Version (Updated)2018


Gb whatsapp best-modded version of WhatsApp for Android.

Gb Whatsapp

GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version Free to Download

Gb Whatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp it is one of the best mod version of whatsapp. Comes up with the features that WhatsApp Don’t have .Once we download it we can access its cool and amazing features.The one thing which almost all the people like it (.i.e.) its free to download and use.

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version is free to download and install. Many People Download Gbwhatsapp to Use two Whatsapp accounts in one device, Which is an Extreme need of people. Gbwhatsapp comes up with additional features for their users. With the GWA you can do anything you like which makes it more likely to use it. 😉

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Information about GBWHATSAPP

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version is free to download and install. You can download it in your android Smartphone without rooting it. There are many cool features available inside this Mod.

Note:if you Haven’t any idea of rooting we will write an article on it soon. But for short information Rooting can make your phone risky. It may Break your phones Operating system which wil Destroy your phone.yeah Rooting phone is the way to access the additional features but its risky!

This app allows to get the best and latest features on his/her hand.These features makes whatsapp makes user experience beautiful.There are many other Mods or whatsapp available on the internet Such as YOWhatsapp,Whatsapp Plus apk,which has similar features of Gbwhatsapp app. This app is mod version of official whatsapp and it has the feautiures which whatsapp has .But gb whatsappp provides the new feauture faster than Gbwhatsapp. Whatsapp was banning the accounts that were using mod versions like Yowhatsapp And others.But now its 100% safe to download GWA Apk and you wont face any issues like Ban issues.

Features Of GB Whatsapp:

Gbwhatsapp has developed to provide the whatsapp user additional features. There are Most helpful and funny features available in the mod as compared to Whatsapp Features.It has many features.Here is the list of some of the GWA

Features Of Gb Whatsapp

  1. You Can Delete or recall Sent Messages on gb whatsapp
  2. We can hide our story
  3. GWA  ( GB WHATSAPP APK ) Apk has an option for hiding chats
  4. It includes new emojis
  5. You can video call with GWA without any issue
  6. You Can send Any Video size of 50mb
  7. Group name in Whatsapp Is now limited and we can set it up to 35 characters.
  8. No More bugs while sending Videos
  9. It Can hide our Last seen, Blue ticks, Delivered ticks, and typing message status and lot more
  10. The users can copy other messages to our clipboard
  11. We can enter 255 Characters rather than 139 . we don’t want to short our status as gb whatsapp provides us 255 characters.
  12. It allows you to Send Messaged to 600 People at a time through Broadcast
  13. Comes with 100+ Language Support
  14. It Will Provide us to  Customize themes through Gbwhastapp
  15. Now Everyone will stay 24hrs online through a modification in a modded version.but,it consumes more battery
  16. Users Feel so happy to install original whatsapp and Modded whatsapp at a time in a single device
  18. Let’s create our own whatsapp theme and can submit to gb whastapp
  19. Now Users can send 90 images together instead of 10 images
  20. Get a press links to the people without sharing his/her number
  21. It Provides ability to copy any selected text from whatsapp chat.
  22. We Can Lock out whatsapp account through gb whatsapp itself.
  23. With These all Feautures We can also Change its Icon and Notification


Download the latest version of gb whatsapp.There are many mooded version of this whatsapp versions Are releasing day by day. We will keep updating with the latest versions of gb whatsapp.As you have read the cool features of Gb whatsapp you may  be excited to download gb whatsapp and install on your android device. 😊Firstly I recommend you to Bookmark this page so that you can stay up to date with latest version of whatsapp. However,Here I am providing the latest Gb whatsapp 6.55 which is out recently. The New version of gb whatsapp has came up with more features and bug fixed.



If your are new to this. And need an guide on how to download and install gb whatsapp without losing any of your data. Then, Go Throught this steps. It will help you to get Latest Version of gbwhatsapp without losing any data

  • Take Backup of all chats in your previous version of your gbwhatsapp
  • Download And Install Gb Whatsapp 6.55
  • Now you will find all your backup installed in your new gbwhatsapp version.

By Following these steps you can install New Gbwhatsapp Version Without loosing any chats or data.It Came up with some intresting cool features.

In the new version of gbwhatsapp 6.55 you can see many changes. As I became more smooth than before. We can feel the UI as very smooth in the new version. Bugs are fixed. There were many Bugs which were killing Experience of user.Now there are no such bugs, And you can download New modded gb version of  whatsapp  and enjoy all the latest features including new emojis 😉

Here There is some information about the latest version of GWA. The Below Table Includes GbWhatsapp Apk Developers,Downloads,Version,Information and More.

LAST UPDATED 30/08/2018
Developer GBMods
App Version 6.55
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatiblity Android 4.0+


CONCLUSION : GBwhatsapp provides you all the features which original whatsapp doesn’t provide.The main Target of modded whatsapp is too Provide Whatsapp with all Hidden Features. In My Views it good to use. But Official it official we cant ignore the official application of whatsapp. And Here in modded Whatsapp We can use it for fun Purpose 😊 Even for Daily Time. It Depends upon How whatsapp is used for the user and according to his/her requirement he can use any whatsapp he wants to. As of here gb whatsapp is providing more Features than official Whatsapp. So this is why Most of people use it.

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