Best xposed modules for android

Are you looking for the best xposed modules for you android phone? If yes then you have landed at the right place. In this article we are going to tell you some of the best xposed modules which you should give a try atleast one time. Basically xposed framework is used for modding and tweaking you android phone.

It uses modules and small apps which enter into your phone and gives you the total control on your device. The most important thing for using the xposed modules is that you must have a rooted phone, otherwise you cant use them. All the changes can be undone simply by just removing or uninstalling them.

Xposed Modules For android

Xposed Modules For android


If you want to install and activate your favorite exposed modules then follow me. First of all download your favorite xposed module from the web. Now select the module which you want and click on the install button. Now simply go to the modules and tick the box to activate it. Now simply reboot your phone and you are done.

We recommend you to download xposed modules from the playstore only. You can download from any other source also, but make sure to scan them first.


So we have prepared a list of handpicked xposed modules. This list has the best xposed modules which you must try atleast once. So the list goes like this:

  • XPRIVACYLUA: First on the list hits the xprivacylua which is one of the most widely and popularly used xposed module. It is basically a permission manager that enables you to control that which apps can access on your android phone. The apps automatically gets permission and start using your mobile data and there are number of annoying ads coming fro that app. So by using this app you can control all that process that is going in background.
  • AMPLIFY BATTERY EXTENDER: Second on the list hits the amplify battery extender. This is alos one of the most used xposed module. This is considered to be the best xposed modules among all others. As the name suggests, its basic function is to extend the battery life of your phone. If you charge your phone for a long time, but the battery last for the half of the time, then you can surely activate this xposed module in your phone. Basically it stops the apps running in the background, which consumes much memory and sucks the battery too. You can not stop those apps by yourself, so it is recommended that you should use amplify battery extender for best battery performance.
  • GRAVITYBOX: Third on the list hits the gravitybox xposed module. Many of the times this xposed module is the only reasn why people root their phone. It is one of the best and widely used xposed module. By using this you can tweak or customize your phone in any way you want. You can change the led customization, you can press the volume buttons to skip the track. You can resize the widgets that comes with your stock launcher. Basically, you can do a big bunch of customization which will make your phone look interesting and amazing.
  • CHROMEPIE: Fourth on the list hits the chromepie. If you have a rooted phone, then you must try this xposed module. It is available for free. Its user interface is quite simple, so any one can use it, it makes the navigation too simple. It basically makes the chrome browser more usable with one hand on large screen mobiles. It applies the pie control concept which you might have seen in some of the custom roms. For using this just hold your hand on any specific are and hold for few seconds, and after it pie controls appears as a semi circle panel of icons. This cposed module actually makes browsing on chrome too easy for you.
  • NO LOCK HOME: Fifth on the list hits the no lock home xposed module. Android phones have a number of security softwares by which you can keep your phone unlocked, while it is fully secured. But it can be done when you are connected to a Bluetooth. By using no lock home as a xposed module you can keep your device unlocked when you are connected to your trusted wifi. Don’t worry your phone will be fully secured.
  • XINSTA: Sixth on the list hits the xinsta xposed module. This is considered to be one of the best and reliable xposed module. As in its name it has insta, then yes it is related to instagram only. Instagram is a very popular app used by almost everyone now days. You might cross over the posts which you want to save locally in your phone and not saving on instagram. There are many apps to download those media from instagram into your phone, but if you have a rooted phone then xinsta is the best which can do that work for you. You don’t have to do much, just download xinsta xposed module,and activate it. The moment you open instagram after installing the module into your phone, you will always see a download option under each post you come across. You can directly download any media. You will see that download button below the three dots at the right.

Some more best xposed modules that you must try if you have a rooted phone are:



So these were some of the best xposed modules that you can try for sure. There are many xposed modules available over the web, but we have provided the best and handpicked one. Make sure that if you download these xposed  modules from an unknown site, then you must scan it before installing. They are available on playstore also. If you don’t have a rooted phone but you want to root your phone right now, by seeing the post then you must gain proper knowledge before rooting the phone. I hope you will like the list of best xposed modules.

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