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Anime Stream-Top 5 Best Sites To Watch Anime


Watching anime is our greatest love. Isn’t it? Most of us enjoy watching anime. As you all know that the mostly the animation made is of japanese style but now has conquered the west too. Anime has always had a trend and is a favourite show of everybody let it be some old ones and younger ones too.

The reason behind the love of anime stream is the chemistry of the story. The stories of anime shows are too good that we cant take our mind off from it. We all stream tv shows and movies online on some popular places like netflix and amazon prime. The good thing is we can do anime streaming too. Thanks to great technology that helps us to stream out favourite anime shows online.

Anime streaming is also done on some channels but they have their fixed timings and for watching at that particular time we have to be on time and stick to a particular time table. So this doesn’t help much. Anime streaming online helps us in a great way as it is convenient.

We can stream any anime show at any place at any time provided that you have a good internet connection. As you all know that the lines of anime stories are too much lean that we can’t miss any episode. Missing an episode will ruin up the entertainment.


Anime stream can be done with your android phone as well as on pc. Yeah that’s true. Today in this article we will tell you about some of the best apps and websites that you all can use in order to watch anime online. So here goes the list of the popular anime stream websites: On the 1st hits the kissanime site that is famous worldwide among the anime lovers. It is found to be the best anime streaming website 2018. Actually the homepage of this website is so good that you will be surely pleased if you visit that website for anime streaming.

The sitemap of this site is too good that nobody will fail to use this anime streaming website. Thumbnails on this website guide you about the content inside the link. Moreover it doesn’t have pop ads which redirects you too other links. The best thing is that you can stream the anime show in any quality thay you want and depending on your internet connection you can choose between 240p and upto 1080p.

2.AnimeStreams.Tv : On the second hits the This is also find to be one of the best anime streaming website. You can stream any anime show of your own choice and that too in your own choosen quality. It too offers a good range of quality from 240p to 1080p. And the good thing about this is that it is free off cost. You have to just sign up and verify your account. On the third hits in the list which is a quite popular website to stream anime shows online for free. It doesnt charge any single penny and has a really very clean and smooth user interface. Its doesn’t give any difficulty in streaming and you can stream in your favourite qulity. It also has an option of choosing the quality from 240p to 1080p. On the fourth hits the which is a top anime stream website and is basically a free streaming site. You just have to simply create an account, confirm your email and your are just done. Now you can simply sit back and enjoy your favourite anime shows without any difficulties.

Some more popular websites are:


#Yahoo View



So these were some of the coolest anime stream websites which you can check out.

Now we come to some of the best android apps to stream anime shows on your smartphone,let it be android or ios. So here goes the list:

1.HULU: On the first in this list hits the hulu anime stream website which is a premium streamin website. Hulu has a amazing collection of thousands of movies and tv series, basically you can get whatever you want. You will be surprised to know that it is free to stream and it has a collection of top anime series too and its fun too watch here as its UI is quite smooth and works very fast.

2.CRUNCHYROLL: On the second in the list hits the crunchyroll app which is widely used and is the most popular app to watch anime series online for free. You just have to download it and register on it nd voilaa, you are done.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your favorite anime streams online. Not only anime stream but you will be pleased to know that it serves thousands of movies and tv shows too available in the best quality.

3.POCKET MAL: On the 4th hits the pocket mal app which is also one of the best app for anime stream. You can directly download this app and stream your favourite anime stream. The best thing of this app is that it is free of cost and you dont have to pay a single penny to anyone. So far it is also considered to be best app as it is also a junction for all the anime lovers as it has anime series and movies also.

4.FUNIMATION NOW: On the 4th in list hits funimation now which is a junction for all the entertainment seekers. This app is best for the anime lovers. This anime streaming app has a big range of anime series from top to bottom and you can pick your favourite one and sit back enjoying them. It is also free of cost and doesnt require any special permission.

5.NETFLIX : On the 5th in the list hits netflix which is quite popular nowdays and there are only few who don’t know about netflix. Netflix has a big range of anime series and is a junction of many movies and tv series too. Netflix has one month of free trial and after that you have to purchase a plan for anime stream. So far it is available for every platform existing till now. You can simply purchase a plan and sit back and finally watch your favourite movies, tv shows and anime stream.

So these were some of the amazing anime stream websites and apps where you can watch anime series online. On web there is a big hype and mess is created and all people are asking where to watch the anime series. Above we have told the solution and we are sure you will get the anime series which you want.

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