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Best Rooting Apps For Android- 2018

What is Rooting ? Best Rooting apps

Rooting an android phone is basically gaining the administrative access over the device which you are using. Android is the simplest operating system managed by google. A android smartphone has a ocean of features which are not accessible by every andoid user. So for using those additional features of android we use to root our smartphones. You can root your andoid device by using your own phone too which will not require a pc or laptop in just some clicks. There are many rooting apps available over the web which causes a hype and creates a mess of which one to choose and which is the best rooting app.

5 Best Rooting Apps

So today in this article we are going to tell you some best rooting apps which will help you to easily root you phone and make you accessible to the ocean  of features. Rooting goes into an andoid phone but if you are an iphone user than you can jailbreak you phone and use the whooping features available in the ios. Earlier there were no root apps available for android and people used to root their phone with the help of pc but for the sake now there are many apk of best rooting apps which can root your andoid phone in just couple of minutes. So here goes the list of best rooting apps:

#1. vROOT APK : vROOT apk is available everywhere on the web. Vroot is one of the best rooting apps which helps you to root your phone very fastly in couple of minutes. It has a very clean UI and provides a very good experience. Moreover this app is free to download but you must scan it before downloading or you must download it from a trustworthy website. Vroot is also available for computer also which clearly states that you can root your phone from pc also. This app supports a large range of the andoid versions. It is one of the best rooting apps developed by mgyun in china.

#2. FRAMAROOT: On the second hits the framaroot android app which is also one of the best rooting apps.It just roots your android phone in just a single click.It is the widely used app for rooting any android device and moreover it is much trustworthy then other rooting apps. Framaroot is free to use and can be downloaded from any site. It is basically developed by XDA-Developers which makes it more trustworthy and ensures you to root your android phone in just a single click.

#3. SRSROOT : On the third hits the srsroot android app which makes it very easier to root you precious android device without making any harm to it. SRSroot is less popular as compared to the above ones but believe me it is one of the best rooting apps which you can consider after the above too to root your android phone. SRSroot is one of the best one click rooting tool providing you a good experience with a clean user interface and fast in speed. SRSroot tool also offers you to unroot your phone after rooting.By chance if you don’t like by rooting your phone or you just tried to root then you can unroot your android phone in just a single click.

#4. KINGOROOT: On the fourth hits the kingoroot. It helps us to root your android phone in just a single click by your android phone.You can root your phone by using pc also.This app is available for windows too. Kingoroot is one root solution for all the android device present in the market after the vroot application.You can also easily unroot your phone in just a single click like the other mentioned tools.

#5. Z4ROOT : On the fifth hits the z4root android app which gives you a very good experience throughout and is also fast to use. Z4root is a truly genius andoid app which helps you to root your android phone in just one click that too in some couple of minutes.This android app can easily root the most popular phones manufactured by sony,Samsung,Motorola and other popular smartphones too.This android app also gives you permission to unroot your device in just one click and reverse the whole process.

So these were some of the best rooting apps available on the web widely.Now the hype and mess created by a number of apps can be solved by reading this article.Now you can choose one of the best rooting app from the above mentioned list and can root your android phone in just a single click.Not only root but you can also unroot your device in a single click if rooted by mistake.

Disadvantages of rooting phone

You can use any of these rooting apps but I will suggest you to use the framaroot rooting app as it supports the major variety of android versions which will create a easy way to root/unroot in a single click. I need to mention that before rooting please know the cons of rooting your android device.Some of the disadvantages of rooting phone are:

#1. In some cases a small mistake can put your phone at risk and may delete all your personal data.

#2. While rooting your phone some security breaches can occur which can potentially harm your android device and make it unable to use.

#3. This one you should know better.If you root your android phone then your phone’s warranty is been voided which means you can nowhere claim the warranty of your effected phone.

So make sure to choose between rooting and non rooting and choose over the list of best rooting apps.


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