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Best iOS Emulators For windows Pc 2018

Anyone want to run Ios apps on windown pc ? However there are many ios emulators for pc available on the internet. But Want to know the best ios emulatore for your windows or pc ? Then you have Visited at right place. The Life get harder when you have an Iphone and windows 7,8,10 Pc or Laptop.

It has become very difficult to run ios apps in pc because it doesn’t support in the windows.

In This post we are going to explain how to download ios emulators and run ios apps in windows.if you want to run IOS apps in your pc or laptop. I Really suggest you to go this post thoroughly. Which will help you to run your ios apps on your pc.Here in this post we would be discussing about various ios emulators. And will be knowing the best Ios Emulator for your pc or laptop.

After this you will be enjoying all your IOS favourite games and application on your can enjoy all the ios applications and games without having any apple product key. If you download Iphone emulator for pc you are all set to go.


Before we discuss about the ios emulators for pc we need to know what are emulators are? Let’s Know

What is an IOS EMULATOR?

The Emulator is nothing but it is an softwere which can be used in your pc and lets you to enjoy yout favourite operating system on your current os . You Don’t need to Install in your device. In Simple words The emulator is a softwere which will you to use your pc same like Iphone ios version. So that you can run Any ios application in your pc. Without any problem. The emulator will be an ios version as your iphone is. This is why people love will allow to use the softwere and apps in out pc. Here in this post we are discussing about the ios Emulators. There are Android Emulators too. We will cover them in other post.

What is an ios Simulator for pc ?

The ios Simulator is nothing but it works by creating the softwere aspect of environment. Simulators wont Create an environment like Emulator Does. This why Semulators fail to run some apps Because of some development Requirements. Simulators are great if you want to play and have some fun.This is why people mostly uses the Emulator’s.


Emulators Are built so that developer of applications can test their Applications before launching in the market and also analyse their application functions and fix their applications.

Emulators are very useful to every user. If user don’t have an iphone they can use emulator on pc to run their favourite ios apps.Emulators are capable of using one or more than one operating systems as same as they are  in Ios,MAC,Windows and android. And the main and best thing is these emulators are completely free to download and use. These are 100% Free of cost.We can also upgrade iphone app emulators with the help of SDK. These Emulators are Easy to use and They are very user friendly.And easy to install 😉 .

There are Many Iphone Emulators are available for windows,mac on the internet. But we Need to find the best?. So We Have Made a list of some Iphone Emulators and gathered their information And found all of them best and easy to use. Here we will provide you all the details and information on Iphone emulators which are best and easy to use. With Working Download Links. There will be no Fake Information will be available on this Site. We have researched about them and then we are writing about them.


Below Emulators are some of the best rated and best emulators that will help you to run Ios Apps and games on our pc. This list was made up on user reviews and experience. So Let’s go through the list


  1. IO

The considered one of the best Ios Emulators for pc on the internet.It is considered the best because it is very easy to use and very easy to navigate. It Doesn’t Required high Graphic to run on a pc. Yeah it’s Bit slower Ios Emulator for windows. Sometimes it takes much time to upload an file or application.

Rating 4/5
Compatibility Google Chrome,Mozilla firefox,Safari Browser
PAID/Free Paid
Trial 7 Days



  1. MOBINE Studio

Mobione studio is one of the ios emulator. This is the one of the best iphone apple emulator for pc .Mobione Studio will allow you to Download ios application and game. It will allow you to run ios application and games in your pc with out any issues or errors.This softwere will Give the same look of iphone in your pc with the Status notifications similar to IOS.We can enjoy playing games and application through this emulator in pc. It is very helpful to developers who develop cross platform apps for ios devices.

Emulator MobiOne
Rating 3/5
Compatibility Windows,iPad,Mac,Iphone


  1. Smartface

Smartface Is an ios emulator for pc. It is Mostly used to build Ios Apps. Mostly,It is used by the application developers to test their own Ios Apps.This is also considered the best ios emulator for pc.It is the most rated emulator for pc. You will Find all the essential Information in below table.There are two versions of smart face available One is free and another one is paid. You can select any one from both. Free Version should be having some restrictions. And the paid version can give you the premium access to all their features.Smartface premium Version starts from $99 just Have a look you will knew about it 😊

Emulator Smartface
Rating 5/5
Compatibility Windows
Paid /Free Both
Free Have Some Restrictions
Paid You can Access All the Features
Paid 99$ (Starting)


  1. io is one of the best iphone emulator for pc. According to users,Appetize is better than With appetize we can build or develop android or ios application .Appetize is free for 100 minutes to use for every user. After 100 minutes the user have to pay 0.5$ for every minute. If a user want to test his/her app then this is free version to do.

  • How to use Appetize Emulator?
    • Visit its official Site
    • Upload the ios or application file on
    • It wiil Ask for your Email address. Make sure you put your genuine email.
    • After that submit your email
    • After the email you submitted you will get a link the email.Just click on the link to run the app

Conclusions: These are some of the Best Iphone emulators for pc or windows. Here in this post we have mentioned some Best iphone Emulator for pc or windows.Do let us know if something is missingI Hope these are helpful to you. If you Have Faced any issues or problems while running the emulators. Please Comment Down . If There’s Any Information which is wrong in the article. Please let us know through contact us page.

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