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Best Apps For Rooted Phones

Have you successfully rooted your phone and now looking for some of the best apps for rooted phones? If yes then you have landed at the right place. After rooting you have became a part of the users who root their phone to use the advanced features of their phone. But if you have not rooted your phone till now then you are missing to use some of the cool features and the best apps for rooted phones.

If you haven’t root your phone till now then you must gain full knowledge about the pros and cons of rooting your device. There are some cons of rooting your phone but the pros overtake them and makes rooting much more interesting. Rooting your phone basically opens up all the hidden features of your phone. You can also customize your phone to the next level after rooting your android phone.

Rooting your phone will give you access to advanced features and you can tweak your phone too. You can improve speed of your phone, ram management and the battery life too. You can change themes and install custom ROMs in your phone. You can use some of the best apps for rooted phones which we are going to tell you in this post.


There are many apps for rooted phones available over the web and even on playstore, but in this post we will tell you about some of the best handpicked apps for rooted phones that you must try. They are very cool and interesting also. The apps provided in the list can be used on any android version of rooted phones. So the list goes like this:

  • LUCKY PATCHER: First on the list hits the lucky patcher app. Lucky patcher is one of the best app for rooted phones. This app comes with superb possibilities. This app is best for editing the apps installed in your phone. If you are annoyed with the unwanted ads in the apps, then you can surely remove these unwanted ads. You can simply remove the ads by just opening the lucky patcher and select the option of remove ads and you are done. The best thing about this app is that you can even remove the in app purchase too and make them free for liferime. The best advantage of using this best app for rooted phone is that it is completely free.
  • ROOTCHECKER: Second on the list hits the rootchecker app which is also considered to be one of the best apps for rooted phones. It is one of the basic app that must be firstly installed in your phone. It verifies if your phone is successfully rooted or not. For checking the status you just have to open the app and there you will see a verify rot option, you just have to simply click on that option and you are done.
  • GREENIFY: Third on list hits the greenify app. It is one of the most widely and popularly used app for rooted phone. The basic function of this app is to enhance the battery life of your phone. If your phone is rooted and your battery is not responding well, then you must try this app for rooted phone. This app basically stops the big apps running in background and consuming more ram. Greenify has a premium version also which gives you access to many more exciting features.
  • LINK2SD: Fourth on the list hits the link2sd app. This app basically saves you from the fear of running on short storage. But now don’t worry, if you have a rooted phone then you can surely install this app and be free from the less storage. Actually Link2sd links your sd card to your internal storage and sends all the big files to the sd card which helps to clean up the internal memory. This helps in the smooth running of the phone.
  • KERNEL ADIUTOR: Fifth on the list hits the kernel adiutor. This is also one of the best apps for rooted phones. This app basically flashes a kernel on your device. It just takes your android phone to the next level. It is basically used for changing the cores, speed , kernals and amny more. The best thing about this app is that you can disable the core and get amazing battery life of your phone.
  • WIFI KEY RECOVERY: Sixth on the list hits the wifi key recovery app. As the name suggests it gives you access to recover the lost password of your wifi. If you have forgotten you wifi password but you have used I on your phone then you can just download and use this app. After installing this app you just have to give it the root access and you are done. A list of all the wifi used with passwords will be shown up.
  • REC: Seventh on the list hits the REC app. This app basically lets you record your screen. The best thing about this app for rooted phone is its interface. Its interface is quite simple and can be used by anyone. It can be used to record gameplays and some informatory videos too. It will shows touches on the screen so that your videos are more explanatory. Moreover this is a widely and trustworthy app for rooted phone.
  • GL TOOLS: Eighth on the list hits the gl tools app. This is very exciting app for rooted phones. By installing this app in a rooted phone you can interfere with the graphics of your phone. This cool app is used by professionals to increase the graphics quality of the phone. You can simply use it by just installing it and giving it the root access.

Some more best apps for rooted phones which you must checkout are:


CONCLUSION: So these were some of the best apps for rooted phones. There are many other apps available over the web but these apps for rooted phone are handpicked one. I am sure that you must be satisfied after using these apps for rooted phones.


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