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Are you confused between choosing unblock origin and adblock? Then today you must read this full guide and at end I promise you that your confusion will be all cleared. Today, in this article we are going to do comparision between unblock origin vs adblock and will tell you which is best in both of them.

In today’s world everybody surfs the internet and watches tv and comes through a number of ads. Though you can’t remove ads from the tv but you can surely remove them by using unblock origin or adblock. Many times you must have came across sticky pop ads and the surveys forms to be filled to proceed further and it must irritates you as it wastes a lot of time and ruins the mood. Nowdays the adblockers are completely forgotten because many people believe that they only save you from the sticky pop ads or banner ads, but seriously no, they give you a strong privacy too. I would strongly recommend to use the adblockers along with the other anominity and privacy tools.

Now lets do a comparision in unblock origin vs adblock.


Unblock origin and adblock both are a web browser extensions which clearly indicates that these both does not depend upon the operating system.

ADBLOCK is available over the following platforms:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Android
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Yandex
  • Safari

UNBLOCK ORIGIN is available over the following platforms:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chromium

Adblock is more widely to be used as it supports more platforms as compared to the unblock origin. These both can hold a large number of users and provide good features to them. One thing might confuse you which is that you must wonder that and unblock origin are a same product but no, this product has no official website of its own. So don’t get confused.


  1. Unblock origin can easily read and create filters from the host files.
  2. Unblock origin makes a use of small resourcse consumtion fingerprint and thereby consuming a very less memory and CPU.
  3. The best thing about unblock origin is that you don’t have to pay any single penny to use it. It is available for free for all.
  4. Another amazing features is that you don’t have to add filters, these are already added on default like Peter Lowe’s ad server list, easylist and many more.
  5. Unblock origin has a very simple user interface and quite easy to use. You can easily permanently enable or disable unlock origin on any specific page by just a one-click button available on your browser.
  6. Unblock origin provides a whooping number of features and that too in a very small size which helps in preventing ads, ad tracking and removing harmfull malware from your computer.


  1. Adblock blocks all the advertisements, let it be banner advertisements,online ad-tracking or pop ads. It will clear all the ads once you this extension and that too very smoothly.
  2. Adblock has a very amazing capacity to block the harmfull malware and the malicious domains which can cause threat to your pc.
  3. The very intresting feature of adblock is that it can be used to prevent the facebook message reciepents to know that you have seen a message or not. This is the best and unique feature of adblock.
  4. After you install adblock in your browser, by default the non-intrusive ads are permitted which you can stop by heading into the settings.
  5. Adblock has a very simple and clean user interface. A user using adblock can easily select what type of ads are to blocked and which are to be permitted.
  6. If you too don’t like the annoying social media sharing buttons on the numerous website then adblock will help you to disable them in just fraction of time.


Adblock has a quite interesting feature of blocking the social media sharing buttons present on the websites, but this can’t be done by the unblock origin. I think there is no need to disable the social media sharing buttons as you only get to share some fun to your friends and that too for free. But for those who don’t like it can surely adapt for adblock. If you use adblock then you have a power to block individual website and domains and you can also allow to select that which type of ads do you want, but with the unblock origin you don’t have access to do this. Unblock origin comes with many features but adblock too comes with more features than it. Like unblock the adblock filters are well used to block the banner ads and the pop ads that appear simultaneously.


Unblock origin and adblock, both are open source utilities and anyone can use it without paying any single penny i.e. it is completely free to use. As it is a open source utiliy which provides us massive security benefit. They both can be downloaded by anyone and can be viewed and anyone can audit it also. So who wins in the comparision of unblock origin vs adblock? Both of these are available for free and they both are nearly same but you should prefer adblock over the origin as it has more power and quite smooth to use. Adblock has more powerfull ad blocking service as compared to unblock origin and it has very simple user interface so no one would find any difficulty in using it. So now I am sure that our comparision of unblock origin vs adblock was successful and you have reached a decision of which extension you have to use.

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