Best 3ds Emulators In 2019

The 3ds Emulator for Android basically lets you play Nintendo games on your android smartphone. Nintendo 3Ds was actually released on 26th February 2011. Nintendo 3Ds was released in Japan first and then afterwards it was released across the whole world. After the 6 months of launch, Nintendo declared a huge price drop. Nintendo first experimented with a 3d game which is stereoscopic since the 1980s. After the launch of some of the games Nintendo was not able to gain much popularity but after the release of its official 3Ds handled console, it gained massive popularity.

Games are something which is actually played by everyone and also loved by most of them. Some become professional gamers and developers too. So if you don’t have Nintendo 3Ds with you but you still want to play the Nintendo 3Ds games on your phone then you don’t have to worry. Today we will be telling you about the best Nintendo 3Ds emulators for Android.

What Is 3ds Emulator For Android:

3Ds emulator is basically a software that allows you to play the Nintendo 3Ds games on your android phone. You can also play Nintendo 3ds games on your pc or laptop too. The basic thing that a 3Ds emulator does is that it duplicates the graphical system which makes it possible for you to play Nintendo 3Ds games on android or pc. By installing Nintendo 3ds emulators on android you can gain full control over the Nintendo 3Ds games.

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Best 3ds Emulators For Android:

There are a number of Nintendo 3Ds emulators available for Android over the web, but today we are going to tell you some of the best handpicked 3Ds emulators for Android. So the list goes like this:

  • DRASTIC DS EMULATOR: First on the list hits the drastic ds emulator. Drastic ds emulator is one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulators which is widely used and most popular in the world. Other than the popularity drastic ds emulator is considered to be the most stable emulators among all. Drastic ds emulator is developed by EXOPHASE. This emulator comes in a premium version only and is priced at only $4.99.Drastic ds emulator has a very smooth user interface and it allows you to enjoy high graphics games very easily and without any lag.

It also depends on the amount of the ram that your android phone has. It also has a very large amount of features like google drive support, fast forward, you can customize the screen layout too and moreover, it hosts many more amazing features like it. Therefore it is worth buying.

  • ULTIMATE x3DSx GOLD: Second, on the list hits the ultimate x3DSx gold. It is also considered as one of the best emulators for android. The best thing about this emulator for android is that it does not cost any single penny, that means you can use every feature of it for free. This emulator is developed by Fart Mobile 2.0. It is considered to be very fast 3ds emulators present at this time.

This emulator lets you run almost every Nintendo game on your android phone. It has been packed up with many amazing features. The user interface of this emulator is quite simple therefore there is no difficulty in navigating through it. The best advantage of using this emulator is that it supports the wireless controllers too and also has all the functionalities like tilt and gyro.


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  • AseDS:Third, on the list hits the AseDS. You must have guessed it correctly, it is also considered to be one of the best 3Ds emulators for Android. The best part of using this emulator for android is that you can use all the amazing features of it without paying any single penny to anyone. AseDS is a new emulator in the world of Nintendo. While this emulator for Android was on testing it almost played all the rooms that were provided to run on it except the Pokemon and some other games.

    While playing pokemon and some other games it lagged a bit. But seeing its features and free availability it can be considered to be used among all this. This 3Ds emulator has custom button layouts and you can also enter cheat codes too.

  • NDS Boy:Fourth on the list hits the NDS Boy. It is basically a new emulator in the world of Nintendo emulators. You can use all the features of this emulator for android for free like the above one. It has averaged from compatibility and can play most of your favourite Nintendo games. It comes loaded with a huge amount of exciting features.

    You can load and save states and you can customize all the controls also. Files like 7z, RAR and NDS files can be supported by this emulator for android. For using this emulator you must have a decent processor with decent ram. Overall it is very good as it is available for no cost.

  • NDS4DROID:Fifth on the list hits the nds4droid. This emulator for android is developed by JEFFREY QUESNELLE. The best advantage of this emulator for android is that it is available for free. This not a new 3Ds emulator for android. It is one of the best old emulators and is widely popular. It is quite smooth to use and therefore users get a lag free experience.

    When it was launched it had some issues with it but the developers are continuously doing hard to make it more and better. By using this emulator for android you can also skip the frames to run games better.


Die-hard gaming fans can select any one of these emulators for android and enjoy lag-free Nintendo gaming on Android. There are a number of emulators available for Android over the web but they are of no use, they either lag or don’t work properly in our phone. But you can surely try any emulator for android from the list given above.

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